DST Delta Zeta Chapter 2009

Uploaded by iseeFLICKS on Sep 30, 2009

This post showcases four selected videos of the university based Black fraternity & sorority song "Zoom Zoom Zoom". Three of these videos are from men associated with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and one of these videos are from women associated with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

This post also provides a brief overview of BGLO fraternity & sorority songs & chants, as well as some specific information about the fraternity/sorority versions of "Zoom Zoom Zoom".

The content of this post is presented for educational, historical, folkloric, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes. Click for the examples of the lyrics to these songs, for additional examples of songs/chants, and for more information about university based fraternities and sororities.

My thanks to all those associated with the Greek lettered organizations that are showcased in this post. My thanks also to the video producers & uploaders.

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University based Black Greek lettered fraternity & sorority songs and chants are compositions that are usually sung or chanted by persons associated with a specific organizations while they perform steppin or strollin' movement routines. Traditionally, fraternity or sorority songs/chants aren't suppose to be sung, chanted, or otherwise performed by persons who aren't formally associated with those organizations. I believe that this tradition should be respected.

I consider university based Greek organization songs & chants to be part of the general category of folk songs, in part because they usually have no known composers. Like other folk songs, there are often mutiple textual versions of the same song/chant within the same time period, within different time periods, or within different chapters of the same Greek organization. Furthermore, more than one faternity or sorority may claim ownership of the same song/chant or of very similar song/chants with the same title. Sometimes these compositions have the same tune, and sometimes the tune is different. Often the only differences between those compositions are the name of the Greek organization, and references to the history of the specific organization, and the colors, calls, and other symbolism that are associated with those organizations.

University based Black Greek lettered organization songs & chants may include profanity, sexual and/or homophobic references. The lyrics to some fraternity & sorority (and little sister group) chants provide information about the history of the organization. Others provide information about the chanters' self- images, and attitudes toward their organization, themselves and/or others.

I believe that examples of these songs & chants should be collected, preserved, studied, and shared with others as cultural artifacts. However, the secretive nature of these membership organizations makes it difficult to collect & study these artifacts. Consequently, some examples of these chants have already been lost, and more examples will be lost unless more persons associated with those organizations recognize the value of collecting, documenting, and studying these compositions and their performance styles.

"Zoom Zoom Zoom" is an example of a song that is performed by more multiple Black Greek lettered organizations. To date, I've found videos and text examples of "Zoom Zoom Zoom" that are attributed to Alpha Psi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (A Phi A), and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (DST). I've also found an online version of this song from another BGLO (Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.), but I've not been able to find a YouTube video version of that song from that organization. It's also possible that other BGLO may have versions of this song.

I'm very interested in featuring words & videos of this song from other Greek lettered organizations. If you know such examples, please contact me via my email address

The tune & a few lines of each of the Black Greek lettered songs "Zoom Zoom Zoom" are based on the hit pop song "Fever" that was recorded in 1958 by Anglo-American Peggy Lee. Click for a video of that song.

With the exception of the phrase "zoom zoom zoom", these Greek organization songs don't appear to be related to the American pop song "Zoom Zoom Zoom" (You make my heart go boom boom boom) or the Brazilian Capoeira song "Zoom Zoom Zoom Mata Um". Click for a post on that Capoeira song.

I'm not sure which fraternity or sorority was the first to sing or chant any composition entitled "Zoom Zoom Zoom" and I haven't been able to find any information about the dates that the examples of "Zoom Zoom Zoom" featured in this post were first performed. If you have any information about this Greek lettered song, please share it for the sake of the folkloric record. Thanks.

These videos are posted in no particular order.

Video #1: DST Delta Zeta Chapter 2009
This video is posted at the top of this page.

The Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, Delta Zeta Chapter *& all that they do...

As a reminder, click for the words to this version and other versions of "Zoom Zoom Zoom" that are posted on this page.

Video #2: Zoom Zoom(Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity)

Uploaded by KrystalMauri on Apr 3, 2010

Went on a college tour & this man KILLED it I think his name is Sergio or Monte idk but I know he killed it. Oh yeah, this was at CAU(my future college(hopefully))

Editor: The lead singer is identified as "Sergio". A video of Sergio singing this song is posted on Cocojams Fraternity And Sorority Chant page.

"Killed it" is African American slang for "really sang [it] well".

"CAU" is probably Clark Atlanta University.

For the sake of documentation, I'd love to add Siergio's last name to this post. If he or anyone else who knows it would send it in, I'd appreciate it.

Video #3: Zoom Zoom Zoom

uploaded by Vols21 ; January 27, 2007

APHIA doing their thing *as usual* in the step show.

Reaction from the audience, including singing along, and doing signature fraternity or sorority calls, are an integral part of step shows. The female voices are probably members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. That sorority is tied historically to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc. and AKA is usually (unofficially) considered to be the sister organization of A Phi A..

Video #4: Delta Theta "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom"

Uploaded by GorIIIaBLACK1906 on Dec 1, 2011

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated
Delta Theta Chapter (Texas Southern University)

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